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Your company's success in the marketplace starts with the message you deliver about your product or service - your story. Story PR has been instrumental in creating, shaping, and delivering some of the biggest technology success stories of the past two decades.

Through direct experience in journalism, market analysis, marketing, and public relations, we know precisely how and where to tell your story, whom to tell it to, and when to tell it for maximum impact. We offer our clients strategic counsel, tailored programs, and fanatical customer service from market savvy, senior-level communications professionals who have proven track records in creating better visibility and stronger sales volume.

We believe that every successful communications program starts with a great story. Typically, our clients understand what their products do and why they’re technically different, but they have difficulty describing the unique values of their products in a way that excites the press and analyst communities, and ultimately customers. In our messaging work, we bring a clear, independent understanding of our target press and analysts’ interests and topical market trends to the process, allowing us to shape our clients’ technical values into news of major significance. And, rather than crafting one message to fit all markets, we custom-tailor each outbound promotion to the unique needs of the editor or analyst for which it is intended so as to generate maximum impact.

With senior account personnel handling direct media and analyst outreach, we bring a thorough understanding of our clients’ technologies and markets as well as long-term media and analyst relationships to the service of our clients. Since we have worked with most of the key editors and analysts in the markets we cover for years, if not decades, we have a solid understanding of their likes and dislikes. Having worked as analysts and journalists ourselves, we are intimately familiar with the process of researching a story or research note, and we know exactly how to package a story to maximize the likelihood of its being covered.

Overall, our activities demonstrate a level of integrity and aggressiveness that are often rare among PR agencies:

  • We continually look for new targets and opportunities and bring these to clients with a clear strategy for taking advantage of them.
  • We never promise results we can’t deliver.
  • We focus on the work at hand, rather than on administrative issues or business development work that typically occupies other agency principals.
  • We are honest and realistic about the impact and effectiveness of various PR programs, and we review every client’s programs quarterly to make adjustments that ensure maximum bang for the buck.

Senior Team

Charlie Rubin

Charlie has more than 25 years of experience in technology analysis, marketing communications, journalism and strategic public relations, and he uses that experience to drive client strategy and messaging for Story Public Relations clients.


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